Walkify: The New First Date

Ah, the First Date. That thrilling moment when you get together with a stranger or a newly-discovered love interest and test out, for a few hours at least, what it might be like to actually be together. The beauty of Tawkify-ing is that you can scope out the chemistry without the added pressure of worrying about any wrinkles in your shirt or pimples on your chin. And it’s only ten minutes, after all.

So, what happens when your voices are so well matched, the banter flows freely, the call drops off and you’re bereft at having to wait a WEEK to talk to this magical person again? We’d like to introduce you to a new concept… the WALKIFY!

Taking a walk around a city block can be scintillating. The air, the trees, the houses, the people passing by…all of these things will prove exciting fodder for your conversation. A budding relationship based on talk takes its second thrilling step with every step you take together. No formal sit-down, no dinner tab, no alcohol-induced haze. (Though, if you choose to enjoy a glass of wine pre-stroll, we won’t blame you). The Walkify is a moment in time, one to learn something about each other, to flirt and to laugh. And to take your new connection off of the phone, out into the world.

Need an idea for a date? Where to take a new girl, or how to spend an afternoon with your longtime love, to mix things up while getting back to basics? Walkify this weekend! Pick a city block, a boardwalk or a bridge, a small local park. Take a walk. Listen to each other. Let the sparks FLY.

Brooklyn Bridge Park: Match Girl’s favorite place to Walkify with her Boyfriend Extraordinaire,  Josh.

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